For parents

Are you tired of wet socks and dirty clothes? At Rægni, we want to enable kids to play outdoors in most weather conditions, jump into puddles and play in the mud, all without frustrating their parents! With our kids’ waders, they can!

  • Whether for a rainy day, a muddy puddle, or a stroll through wet grass, Rægni waders are the perfect all-season accessory for kids’ outdoor fun.
  • Our waterproof waders keep kids dry and comfortable for hours of play, and dirt can simply be rinsed off.
  • Our removable, washable felt socks keep young feet warm and help reduce boot odours.
  • From cheerful crocodiles to pink ponies, Rægni waders come in a variety of designs to ignite your child's imagination and add a dash of colour to their outdoor escapades.
  • Our easy-on, easy-off adjustable shoulder straps and snap-button waist adjustment allow kids to gear up for outdoor fun by themselves.
  • Rægni waders are made in the EU using high-quality, durable, phthalate-free materials sourced in the EU. 

 Rægni waders are produced in the EU using high-quality, durable, phthalate-free materials sourced in the EU. This page contains a few practical tips on using and maintaining your Rægni waders.


Safe use

Rægni waders are not suitable for use in deeper or moving water. This is because the waders could fill up with water and make movement/swimming difficult. In such cases, the child should wear a life jacket and be supervised at all times.


Fixing cuts and tears

Our waders come with an extra piece of fabric to allow cuts and tears to be patched. Here’s how:

Don’t worry, cuts and tears can be fixed!

Clean the area around the cut/tear. Dry!

Gently roughen up the area around the cut/tear and wipe away residue.

Cut a piece of the provided fabric to the correct size.

Apply glue around the cut/tear. You can use superglue or bicycle tyre repair glue.

Press down firmly or weigh down the patch until dry.

For added strength, you can repeat the process on the inside of the wader.

All done and you are ready for new adventures!


Washing and drying

To extend the life and waterproofing of Rægni waders, we recommend washing them by hand with soapy water no warmer than 40°C. The waders can be washed inside and out.

Handwash only

Do not iron

Do not tumble dry

Do not clean chemically

Do not use chlorine


To dry the waders, hang them upside down to drip dry and then simply fold the trousers down over the boots to dry fully.