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Rægni - Kids Waders with integrated boots - Green Croc

Rægni - Kids Waders with integrated boots - Green Croc

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Waterproof trousers with attached rainboots

Essential equipment for rainy and muddy days, Rægni waders keep kids dry, warm and happy, even in the gloomiest weather. With our waders, parents can allow their kids to play in wet and dirty conditions without having to worry about wet feet, or about how to get their kids clean afterwards. They’re also quicker and easier to put on than separate rain trousers and boots.

Size and fit

Check our size chart to find the right size for your child. We recommend using the child's shoe size as a reference point.

Product details

  • Boots and trousers are welded together with triple rubber welding.
  • Made in the EU with materials sourced in the EU.
  • Free of phthalates and other toxins.
  • Resistant to low temperatures.
  • Designed in Norway for kids everywhere!


To reduce wear-and-tear and extend the useful life of the Rægni waders, we recommend washing them by hand at 40°C or lower, avoiding machine-washing and tumble-drying. The waders can be washed inside and out, and can be dried on a clothesline or in a drying cabinet.


Being outdoors in all kinds of weather takes a toll on the clothes you wear. Our rain trousers are made of the reliable and approved PLAVITEX fabric, which offers excellent protection against weather and wind, and can also withstand very low temperatures. PLAVITEX is phthalate-free and is approved in the EU.

Safe use

Rægni waders are solely intended for use on land, to keep kids dry in wet weather conditions and when splashing in shallow puddles. The waders should never be used in or near open, deeper (>20 cm depth) or flowing water without the supervision of an adult, due to the risk of an accident if the trousers and boots fill with water. If nevertheless used in such circumstances, the child must wear a suitable lifejacket with an additional capacity of approximately 10 kg relative to the child's body weight.

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